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Child Attachment &
Play Assessment


The course is usually taught in three blocks of 3 + 3 + 2 days with a break of about 4 weeks in between the blocks for practice. Training videos are provided as part of the course together with the manual, handouts, and weekly feedback on practice. Weekly practice with feedback continues for about 6 — 8 weeks after block 3 followed by a reliability test of 15 stems. The test can be retaken if necessary and trainees who pass it are given a reliability certificate.

Currently all training is online.

Bespoke training is available. If you have a group of 10 – 20 people we will lay it on for you! In 2020 bespoke course were delivered to a group of occupational therapists and another to play therapists.

Please apply to: Dr Steve Farnfield, e-mail:


Dr Steve Farnfield

Dr Ben Grey

Fan Zhang

Fan is an experienced psychologist with clinical expertise in the attachment and physiological aspects of childhood trauma. She has received in-depth training in several DMM informed assessment tools. Fan is currently completing a PhD on the utility of the CAPA in assessing trauma in children.


Scheduled CAPA Trainings for 2021

Host: The University of Roehampton

Dates April 19th-22nd and May 24th-27th

Contact: Dr Ben Grey

Or go to

Host: Children’s Sensory Therapy Ltd

Dates: September 27 – 29, November 1 - 3 and December 13 - 14

Contact: Angela Massingham

Or go to

Scheduled CAPA Trainings for 2021- 2022

Hosts: Steve Farnfield & Fan Zhang

Dates: November 17 - 19 2021, January 12 - 14 and March 11 - 12 2022

Contact: Steve Farnfield