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Child Attachment &
Play Assessment


In 2022 we have made the teaching programme more flexible by organising the training into three modules.

Module 1 is now available on line - please see below

Module 1

For people who do not want to become reliable coders but do want:

  • an introduction to the CAPA model
  • to be able to give the CAPA to a child
  • to understand codings supplied by a reliable coder
  • to use the results to formulate intervention plans

Modules 2 and 3

For people who want to become reliable coders

We also offer three ways of learning.

  • On line training which can be done in your own time. For modules 2 and 3 this includes on line tutorial time with one of the trainers and a mentor.
  • Bespoke training in your own agency. You can also sell seats to outside entrants to cover costs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and the fees. The next course starts in Walton on Thames, Surrey UK on October 10th - see below for details.
  • Face to face on line training using zoom. Again this can be deisgned to meet the needs of your agency and we will organise trainings according to demand.

Contact: Dr Steve Farnfield, e-mail:

NOTE my email address has changed

Next face to face Zoom training

The CAPA module 2&3 Zoom training US time 2023

Trainer: Fan Zhang; Dr Ben Grey as guest trainer.

Times and dates: Sept 30- Oct 1, 2023; Nov 18-19, 2023; Jan 27-28, 2024 at 7am -1pm (PST and PDT respectively).

Teaching format: Online live attendence; teaching sessions will be recorded for attendees’ access only at a later date.

Prerequisites: the CAPA Module 1 online asynchronous training must be completed prior to the start of this course.

Cost: £500 via Paypal (exchange rate may vary on the day of payment), covering the course, feedback on weekly assignments and reliability test. Register and pay before Sept 4, 2023 to gurantee enrolment. All payments are non-refundable once the course starts.

Registration: Please contact Fan at to register and arrange payment.

For more information, please download the course information flyer PDF here.

Online self-directed CAPA training

This is a prototype and we will make adjustments according to feedback from students.

Module 1 - available now

3 day introduction to the CAPA and story stem procedure. You will have an introduction to the Dynamic Maturational Model (DMM) of attachment and adaption; an overview of the CAPA, see examples of patterns and learn enough of the terminology to understand classifications provided by reliable coders and to incorporate them in reports. You will also learn how to give the CAPA and on production of a satisfactory video example receive a certificate stating this.

Cost £100

To register please contact BOTH of us in one e mail: AND We will send you a link which enables you to pay, enter a password and get started.

Modules 2 & 3

Training for people wanting to become reliable coders. You will take module 1 after which you complete 5 practice videos. There follows modules 2 and 3 with approximately 2 -3 months in between modules for practice on 5 more videos. There is more practice (10 - 15 films) after module 3 together with follow up seminars. On completion of the practice you can then take the reliability test.

The test is in two parts. 10 CAPAs for which there is limited feedback and 10 for which there is no feedback. To achieve reliability you are asked to get 75% with the agreed codings and show you can code A8 and C4. You can retake the test and if need be do some more practice!

Module 2 - should be on line in the autumn of 2023

Six stand alone video classes on coding the DMM attachment patterns

Feedback on 5 practice videos

A 3 hour face to face seminar with one of the trainers and other students.

Access to a mentor

Cost £200

Module 3 - January 2024

Approximately 6 stand alone video classes on coding for developmental trauma, affect regulation (low/depressive to mania aka the DMM modifiers); formulation and intervention.

Feedback on 10 - 15 practice videos

Two face to face seminar with one of the trainers and other students.

Access to a mentor

The reliability test

Cost £250

If you choose the on line self directed course you get access to all the training materials, manual, practice videos, reliability test and life long membership of the CAPA family.

Total cost for the on line self directed route is £550.

Contact: Steve Farnfield at

Mix and match

You can do module 1 using one of the routes and switch to another form of learning for the next module(s).

Contact: Steve Farnfield at


Dr Steve Farnfield

Steve is a social worker, play therapist and the CAPA chef de mission. Now semi-retired he was a lecturer at the Universities of Reading and Roehampton - at the latter he was director of the Play Therapy programme and then founded the MSc in DMM based Attachment Studies. He has been a licensed trainer for a variety of DMM assessments and together with Paul Holmes co-edited the 3 volume Routledge Handbooks of Attachment that bring together the DMM and ABCD models between the same covers. The CAPA grew out of his PhD at the Tavistock Clinic and University of East London and represents a career focused on trying to make life better for maltreated and disadvantaged children.

Fan Zhang

Fan is an experienced child and family psychologist with clinical expertise in the attachment and physiological aspects of childhood trauma. She has worked as a researcher and clinician in the NHS, voluntary and private sectors as well as court settings. She has received in-depth training in several DMM informed assessment tools, currently a FRI/IASA Multi-skilled Leadership fellow. Fan is completing a PhD on the utility of the CAPA in assessing trauma in children. Fan is also a lecturer at University of Roehampton.


Dr Ben Grey