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Child Attachment &
Play Assessment


The manual

To receive a copy of the CAPA training manual, please email or with the subject line “Trainee CAPA manual request” and they will send it to you securely.

Story stems for preschoolers

Story stems for school years

Story stems for adolescents

CAPA Strategies and Markers Handout

CAPA Teaching Slides Part 1 Handout


CAPA HO2 two constructs

CAPA HO3 social engagement signals body language

CAPA HO4 stems discourse marker

CAPA HO5 difference between partterns

CAPA HO6 mentalising


CAPA HO8 Gil checklist posttraumatic play

CAPA HO9 A8,A+, C+ and R vs IO and BO-coding notes

Lack of cooperation with the interviewer in the CAPA

CAPA interviewing techniques

Signifier behaviours

Social engagement signals

CAPA coding work sheet 1

CAPA coding worksheet 2

Crittenden 2006 paper

Template CAPA report 1

Template CAPA report 2